LEED: The New Standard in Construction

Environmental preservation and ‘green thinking’ continue to revolutionize the way humans view the planet and its resources. The construction industry has made huge strides in green building designs and sustainability. The LEED program (Leadership in Energy in Environmental Design), developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, outlines construction techniques for nearly every kind of building and is the new standard in sustainability for construction companies in Charlotte, NC.

Why LEED is the New Standard
The LEED program sets a very high standard for building projects but with several incentives. The company that builds responsibly, produces sustainable products, or operates with less waste earns considerable notoriety in the consumer markets. Sustainable buildings use less energy in day-to-day operations, which saves on utilities and puts less strain on stressed power grids. Construction projects that meet LEED standards qualify home and business owners for tax breaks in some states. It also increases the property value.

LEED for Every Construction
There are several LEED program guides available for nearly every type of construction including residential housing, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, and high-rise business complexes. For existing buildings, LEED’s Operating and Maintenance program encourages renovation as opposed to demolition and rebuilding from the ground up. The Neighborhood Development program is meant to inspire community-wide construction projects that seamlessly integrate businesses, residents, roads, and walkways.

The Future of Construction
LEED standards continue to impact the bottom line on environmental issues. For example, in 2009, LEED certified buildings saved approximately 2.9 million tons of energy and resources and 15 billion gallons of water. As more businesses turn to green construction methods, not only will it be cheaper to go green, but environmental experts believe humanity may be able to stop the impact of industrialization. For more cost-effective ways to go green on your next construction project, consult your local construction companies in Charlotte, NC.