Getting a Image Consultant For Your Wedding Look

Image is referred to as the physical appearance we project. Some people’s images are just as awesome and excellent, while others are the opposite. There are a few things that contribute to a person’s good if not excellent image such as the dress he or she wears, the accessories he or she uses and the hair style he or she sports.

Almost regarded as a rule, we have to look stunning on our own wedding. So we choose the most elegant dress, pick the trendiest hair style and select the makeup that we see on a model or a celebrity. But not everything that appears good in our eyes would also look good if we are the ones wearing or using it. Sometimes what looks good on your sister may not look good on you. And this is where a wedding image consultant may help and assist us.

In general, an image consultant is the right professional to seek help in maximizing our own assets or in downplaying our weak points. This image consultant finds our best features and enhances them to give an appearance that will awe everyone at our wedding.

For a bride, her figure is the main consideration when choosing her gown. A wedding image consultant figures out what is best suited for the bride’s distinct shape of the body. He or she would have to make an assessment of the entire body measurements and body areas. This consultant know when and where illusion dressing is required to hide those extra bulges. He or she can pick the exact style and shadows to flatter the curves an proportions; or tell you which cut you should avoid as you won’t look becoming on those. Not only with regards to your wedding gown, but the consultant will also help you select the right veil, lingerie and accessories to match not only your dress but also your physical traits. He or she may also help you decide about what the rest of the wedding attendants should wear. And if you want, that same consultant may also help you dress up according to your personality and not only for the wedding day.

The right choice of colors also play an important role in your excellent appearance. A s a wedding dress is not only limited to white, the wedding image consultant may also help you select the perfect shade for your dress. This dress color must be matched with your skin tone, your eye color and the color of your hair. There are colors that will give you a healthier, prettier and slimmer appearance. And there are also those colors you should avoid to prevent yourself from not looking at your best on your wedding day.

This same color concept is also applied on what makeup you should use, from makeup foundation to eye shadows, to blush on and lipstick shade.

The right and proper hair style will also be recommended to you by the wedding image consultant. a hairstyle that will not only enhance your facial features but will also match your wedding gown.