Franchise Consultants and Entrepreneurial Franchisor Start-ups

In my retirement I like to keep myself available for up and coming entrepreneurs who may have questions about the industries I was previously involved with or the franchising business format that helped build my company.

Not long ago a gentleman wished to receive some consultation for a mobile business concept to franchise. After discussing this with him he said that I almost scared him away from the Franchising Industry. I told him that; “It really is not that I want to scare you out of the franchise business; just let you know some of the realities, barriers and freight trains on that track if you care to walk down it.”

He asked about various franchise consultants out there and mentioned FranCorp, which has been in the franchising sector for over three decades now. I told him as a non-corporate type Franchisor that FranCorp was not my style. As a Franchise Consultant type myself indeed I only care about winning and that means anyone I might consult takes the market by storm and holds it.

There is a much better consultant in Houston for new franchise market entrants in my opinion. He is not my style either, but he is of the highest integrity, honest and he also teaches certified IFA courses to get a CFE degree (Certified Franchise Executive). I think you can find him on the IFA website under “Vendors; Consultants.”

When picking a franchise consultant it is important to match business styles and to understand more about franchising too. I recommend that you buy the books;

Franchising 101
The Franchise Bible
Franchising 4 Smarty Pants’
Then after reviewing what some of the other companies are doing in the market place you should be able to develop and excellent business plan. This will prepare you and give you the knowledge you need to hire the franchise consultant that is right for you.