Consulting: Lending a Helping Hand and Ushering in Generation Y

What is Consulting? Your initial thoughts probably read something like this:

- addressing issues
- giving advice
- Lending a helping hand

The answers listed above are all completely correct. Consultants do all of these aforementioned things, and they do them very well. There are various forms of consulting. One of the original forms of consulting, and the form I hope to break into, is Management consulting. The idea of assisting a company improve their performance, boost revenues, and strategically plan for their (with the help of you, the consultant) hopefully vibrant future. The first Management Consulting firm was Arthur D. Little, started in 1886. It was (and still is) common for consulting firms to be named after the founder(s).

As we excel quickly into the future, many unusual (yet successful) niches are populating the field of consulting. One interesting example of this is gardening consulting. If you are an avid gardener, and have a keen sense for planting beautiful, flourishing gardens, you can land yourself a gig as a gardening consultant. Other new and exciting niches include, but are not limited to, image consulting, green living consulting, and generation Y consulting. All these niches are popular and continuously growing.

I chose to embark on Management Consulting for a variety of reasons. I find myself as the type of person who enjoys consulting for what it is in its simplest form; helping others. I enjoy helping people, assisting in decisions, and seeing growth, prosperity, and satisfaction. My closest friends, as well as my significant other know that my advice can be honest and sometimes hard to swallow, yet constructive and rewarding. During my sophomore year in college, I was skimming a Yahoo Jobs article when I discovered my true passion, Management Consulting. I already had what was necessary to be successful; the next step was to learn the trade. As I delved deeper into my newly found obsession, I discovered a market niche known as small / medium-sized business consulting.

I took a particular interest in this niche for a number of reasons. I consider myself a people-person. I am very friendly and sociable. This niche would allow for the direct contact I would enjoy having with my clients. By seeing my customer face to face, I am able to make a positive first impression, listen carefully to their needs, and develop a strong client-to-consultant professional relationship. These relationships can determine such things as the success of your projects, quality recommendations for future clients, and professional, long-term rapport.

Another, and possibly the main reason that I chose small / medium-sized businesses to gear my professional life, is the satisfaction I receive from my work. Large quantities of small businesses are either family owned, or owned by a small group of individuals. These small businesses can be the sole form of income for some families. If these small organizations fail, that means financial turmoil for the families that rely on their success for their livelihood. By working closely with these entrepreneurs, I can assist them in realizing their dreams of owning a business by helping them boost revenues, improve company performance, and strategically plan for their company’s future. This is very rewarding, because they are relying on your expertise for their own personal success. With that, it is important to know your industry and know it well. I hope to one day be able to reap the emotional benefits of consulting.

Consulting is a vast field, with many business professionals who are realizing their dreams of either helping others, working for a multinational corporation domestically or internationally, or simply being their own boss and offering their expertise. A quick internet search will show that it is a profitable field that is on the rise. As we usher in the new era of business professionals (including myself), we are developing market niches that are more internet based creating more jobs, and a larger window of opportunity for up and coming future professionals and entrepreneurs. In the near future, I hope to realize my dreams of consulting. I am truly born for it.