Choose Your Internet Marketing Consulting Profit Model

Internet marketing is a broad category of online business that involves a wide range of services that anyone wishing to become involved in Internet marketing consulting should be prepared to provide.

As being a consultant means having a free rein over your business, you should be able to decide at the onset what the scope of your business is, whether to provide a service or a string of services or to sell products to clients instead.

Here are some of the best options that you can choose:

Business advisor

Many new businesses encounter a period of learning and adjustment which they can shorten by listening to good advice. As a pure consultant, your role is similar to a mentor who assesses the situation and sets a detailed plan or strategy for the client to follow. Mastery of the business is an advantage although many aspects of the web business can be learned along the way. Having your own advisors to run to is a plus and your clients need not know your sources of information ñ as long as you get the job done.

Consultants can easily provide this service without meeting their clients face-to-face as advice is easily provided over the phone, email or even through Skype. Prompt response times are a must in this business model.

External marketing arm

Small businesses maintain lean organizations and can keep overhead expenses low by outsourcing functions like Internet marketing. If you have a team of consultants from various fields of Internet marketing, consider offering comprehensive marketing packages that include everything your client will need such as website development, sales copywriting, software development, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and others. Solo consultants can also provide full services by outsourcing or subcontracting marketing functions as well.

Outsource specialist

Matching your client’s marketing needs with the right specialist can also be your main consulting business. Revenues will come in the form of commissions or from profit margins tacked on the service fees of your specialists. While specialists are actually doing the work for your clients, you will still have to manage your team to ensure high quality standards of service.

Other business models for Internet marketing consulting include information product sales, lead generation or email database sales, website rentals, build-operate-transfer websites, licensing and teaching seminars. You can mix and match these business options to create your own consulting model and to increase your income tremendously.

In order to grasp the opportunities that are available as an internet marketing consultant, and to learn how to approach prospective clients, learning from an expert, someone who knows the ins and outs is always a great first step.