Chemical Treatment Concerns

There are several methods termite control experts use to treat an infestation in your home. The most common method is termiticide. It is a trusted weapon of Jacksonville termite control professionals. However, parents and homeowners often have concerns when it comes to chemicals in their immediate environment, especially when there are small children or pets in the home. Here are a few facts from the experts to put your mind at ease when it comes to termite treatments in your home.

How is Termiticide Applied?
Termiticide can only be applied by a licensed and certified professional because it must be properly handled according to proper safety procedures. It is applied around the foundation of your home in a process called ‘trenching.’ Sometimes this involves drilling small holes into a cement foundation to ensure a barrier of protection.

How Does it Work?
Termiticide binds to the soil under and around your foundation forming a barrier the termites must pass through in order to get to your home. Because it is “non-repellent” and undetectable, termites cannot avoid it or go around it. They carry the chemical into the colonies nesting inside your home. Eventually, all the termites in your home die off as the chemical spreads from one bug to another.

Parent and Homeowner Concerns
A termiticide treatment is a minimally invasive procedure. Homeowners do not need to take any extra precautions or procedures to prepare for this kind of treatment. Since termiticide is applied under the foundation of your home, you don’t have to worry about your children or pets coming in contact with chemicals. However, termiticide treatment is not something you can do yourself. For safety reasons, always refer to a licensed and certified professional for termiticide treatments. If you are concerned about termites in your home, contact a Jacksonville termite control specialist for more information or an inspection.